2017 Blogging Goals

I’ve been inspired to share my 2017 blogging goals because I’ve seen them being shared all over the blogging world. I signed a document yesterday and accidentally put the dat as 1-4-2016 because it takes a solid 3 months to put the right date after the new year. I can’t be the only one 😂 Anyway, it’s time to share my goals for 2017 and I’m so excited!

  1. Launch my e-courses // I am in the process of writing not one, not two, but three e-courses! I am planning on launching them the end of January and couldn’t be more excited. Two of the courses are focused on blogging and the third is secret. I can’t tell you much about the third course because I want to keep it a secret but it will have the option of being free 🎉 If they do well, I am hoping to write 2 more for the end of the summer. You can see sneak peeks on my Snapchat of the courses (I just shared some pictures/images this morning), my username is: rainydaycooking
  2. Gain 2,000 subscribers // My email list has been slowly growing and I’d love to speed up that process.
  3. Move into part-time blogging // I would love love love to earn enough money to have a part-time job for blogging. Right now, my salary with blogging is very up and down and I need to steady it out and
  4. Work with 75+ brands // Right now, my biggest income is through working with brands and it’s definitely my favorite. I’d love to work with even more than I did in 2016 (I think I only worked with 20-ish brands last year) and to continue with sponsored posts.
  5. Focus more on beauty + style posts // Last year, I thought my posts were a little all over the place. I want to focus more so on beauty, style, and an occasional lifestyle post for the blog.
  6. Post 4 times a week on the blog and daily on Instagram // My very last goal is to be more active in posting. I think I did a pretty good job posting 3-4 times a week on the blog last year, but I definitely lacked posting daily on Instagram (I was lucky if I got 5 posts up a week!).

That’s it! I’m looking forward to checking my list in the beginning of 2018 and seeing if I maintained these goals. What are a few blogging/personal goals you’re wanting to achieve this year?


  • Kirsten

    I have a few blogging goals for the year! First, I want to grow my insta to 15k by the end of the year. It’s lofty, but with the growth I’m seeing lately, I think I can do it. I want to post regularly and stick to a schedule, hopefully get up 2-3 posts each week. I usually do food on monday, fitness on tuesday, travel on wednesday, lifestyle on thursday, and fashion on friday!

    Love your goals too!

    • Lydia

      Yes, you can definitely do those! I’m so happy I passed my goal to hit 10k on Insta this past year (I ended up getting 15k+). I love your schedule that you set up for your blog, too 🙂

  • Mindy Thompson

    Wow- working with 75+ brands sounds like a challenging goal! It’s great to set that to push yourself harder!

    Mindy II <a?amixofmin,com

  • Katie

    Love these goals! I definitely want to grow my Instagram this year and also redesign my blog!


  • michelle mink

    Launching an e course is a great goal! I too want to grow my subscriber list so I’ve got to start figuring out some new ways to do that.

  • Alex

    Great goals, put your mind to it and you can do it!


  • Stephanie

    These are some great goals! How exciting that you’re getting ready to launch so many e-courses! Also, I totally made the same mistake when signing and dating a form the other day, and in dating my notes in class today… #newyearprobs haha!

    Stephanie | http://www.stephanietherese.com