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Laura for winning the giveaway on my blog 2 weeks ago!! To see what you won (incase you forgot 😉 ) head on over the the original post here. You’ve received an email, and you should receive your prize within the next few weeks!  Did you guys like the giveaway? What would you like to see for the next giveaway? <— Keep on reading to see my latest jams 👂🏽

I have this problem, in which I have to be listening to music when I got to sleep. Like, I can’t fall asleep without music. And it’s really loud, upbeat music too. Not the type of music you’d think would lull me to sleep. #PLOT TWIST. Lately though, I’ve been trying to reach out from the typical Michael Jackson and Adele playlist, to something bigger and better. Kind of. I’ve actually been listening to Spotify’s playlists. Yeah, the ones that are named weirdly (Hot Rythmic? What’re you getting at Spotify? Nm, I don’t want to know) and at least 45% of the songs are crap. But, they have some really good playlists. Seriously. I have weird music taste, I like almost everything. Rock, rap (only some), soundtrack, pop, jazz (YES). I’ve never really listened to Spotify’s music though, because there stuff is just weird. What I’ve found? Only some of their homemade playlists are weird. And I think I’ve found some pretty great playlists. Alrighty, here are my top 5 playlists:::

Cali Fire- California Hip Hope is lit as a bic right now. Much respect to L.A. & The Bay for supplying us with that fire! Including songs like Promise, Calm Down, and Am I Wrong.

Pop Chillout- The best music for just chilling. Or anything. Literally, this is the best playlist for anything. Including songs like YOUTH (you go Glen Coco Troye Sivan), Faded, and Seventeen.

Chill Hits- New and hot hits for your chill hits. Including songs like Me, Myself & I, In2, One Call Away (Junge Junge Remix, gettin’ it), and Shots (Broiler Remix).

Discover Weekly- Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new discoveries and deep cuts chosen just for you (and 4 million other people). Updated every Monday, so save your favorites! Including songs like Stitches, Shot In The Dark, and Hold Me Up

Viral Hits- All the viral hits of the 21st century! Right here in one weekly (updated!) playlist. Including songs like Falling, Lonely Cities, and The Wheel.

Thanks for reading!