Brows 101


Up until 6 months ago, I’m pretty sure I never worked on my brows. I have pretty thick and dark brows to begin with, so I never thought I would need to fill them in. Boy, was I wrong! Filling in and defining them makes such a difference for my entire makeup look! I definitely recommend everyone with brows to work them into their makeup routine. It’s such a simple step to finishing your makeup. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on Snapchat (@rainydaycooking) and Instagram on what products I use for my brows and how I “apply” them so I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to them! Lucky you 😉

I’m currently using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (wearing above!), but I also just ordered the ABH Dipbrow and I’m excited to try that one out. The brow wiz creates a really natural looking brow (it doesn’t look like you filled them in) and it’s also very easy to apply and take off incase you messed up. I’ve been experimenting with all different types of brow products and this has to be my favorite so far.

When I first started out, I tried a number of different eyebrow pencils from Target and a few of them really killed for being under $10! I’m linking a few of my drugstore and high-end favorites with some notes on what I like about them, but I would definitely say test out the brow wiz if you can afford it!


Keep your eyebrows looking natural by doing light, small strokes. Define your eyebrow first, then fill in!

step one:

Define your brows by shaping your entire brow. Try to be as accurate as you can, since you don’t want your brow to be different shapes.

step two:

Fill in your brows using the same brow pencil. Make sure to use small strokes, for a natural finish. I like to start filling in closest to my nose and going to the end of my brow.

step three:  

Using a spoolie, brush your hairs up to blend in the product to finish the look!



Always use the same color of your natural brow to fill them in.

Use small or medium length strokes. Start using small, and then go longer if you want a more dramatic effect.

Stand a foot or two away from the mirror to get perspective on your whole look. You don’t want your brows to be too big!



I don’t over-line my brows, but if you want your brows to be thicker, then I would! Experiment with how big you want your brows to appear, and then line that shape out. Even with just filling in your brows, they’ll look thicker and darker, so you may not need to over-line.

That’s it! Do you use any brow products? What’s your favorite? Happy Monday!

  • lori

    Loved this post! I don’t fill in my brows, but am going too. I think I’ll try my hand at the Anastasia Brow Wiz, looks easy to use and is pretty inexpensive.

    • Lydia

      Yes, you should definitely try the brow wiz!