Closet Organizing

I’m a huge organization freak. I love organizing and seeing the result of something that was once unorganized or dirty and watching it become fresh and organized. Recently, I moved and was able to recreate my entire bedroom. I talking new furniture, bedding and decor. I spent months figuring out the color scheme and design. I’m still working on a few things, so my room isn’t quite finished but when it is, I’ll be doing a post on it! For now, I’m sharing with you guys my closet. I love love love how organized and modern my closet looks and feels. Hope you enjoy the post!

bins: Amazon // wooden hanger: Amazon (ordering more, love these!) // frame: Amazon // The Office print: Etsy // gold frame: received as a gift (similar) // books: Sephora, Blog Inc, Hot Body Year Round, Why Not Me, Bobby Brown Makeup, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Really Professional Internet Person, Seriously…I’m Kidding // camera: Best Buy // shirts: left | right (under $10)

Thanks for reading!!