You guys. I can hardly believe it’s going to be Thanksgiving next week and Christmas in a month?! Where did fall go? It’s finally looking like Christmas. When I’m driving in the morning, I love listening to Christmas music when I pass the frosted trees. I can’t decide if I like frosty trees or trees glowing with red and orange, so pretty either way 😍

This sweater is an oldie but goodie, low-key wear it thrice a week. Last year I wrote about it and this year I’m writing about it again because YO. If you take a peek at my Insta, you’ll see out of the past 9 photos, 3 of them feature this sweater. Ha!

Last week, I went through all Saw movies (yes, all of them in one week 😂) and am thinking of starting up the Scream series. I’ve only seen thirty minutes of the second one and surprisingly liked it. I can’t get enough of horror movies, comment your recs’ below plz!


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