Hair + Blog Update

Hey babes! I’m writing to you from the car (not driving) and I figured it was time for a little update. Both in the hair (very important) and blog categories. In my “Lush Haul” post, I talked about getting my hair colored and I, finally, got it done. We decided to keep my base the natural color, which is a really deep brown. We did some red/copper action, and it’s so pretty!

The base is a pretty different/dark color, so I’m going back the beginning of September to lighten that up and chop off a few more inches. Even though I love the length, I originally wanted it to be shorter. Think Julianne Hough with her textured bob. I chickened out and kept it to a lob length. I think the red, even though it’s a fall color, look really pretty for the summer since it’s so bright!


We’ve had such a great 6 months since I really started to commit to blogging, I had to share! Thank you all for the support and reading my blog! Hopefully, we’ll grow even more this year 🙂

S T A T S   +   M O R E : : :

• 350k views in less than 6 months

• 35,000-50,000 views a month

• 20,000-40,000 returning visitors

• 11,000 email subscribers

I have been having so many problems with my site designs, I finally have found one that actually works. I hope you guys like the design as much as I do!

YOU GUYS! We hit 10k email subscribers!! WHAT! That’s insane! You guys are awesome ❤

I have about 3,500 subscribes on the gram and over 10,000 on Snapchat (@rainydaycooking)! Rock on, fam!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post! Sharing a quick outfit tomorrow, keep an eye out for it  👀



  • Leanne Q

    Congrats on the blog stats! So exciting!

  • Julie

    Love your new hair color 😍 What color was it before?

  • Kristen

    I want your hair, such a gorgeous color on you! congrats on 13k+ followers 🙂