Let’s Chat with Megan from Honest Twenty One


{megan from honest twenty one}

I’m so excited to share this little Q&A with Megan from her life/style blog, Honest Twenty One! She’s so sweet and her blogging style is seriously bomb. You can also see this small Tip Tuesday she helped me wrote from a while back. You can follow her on Insta and Snapchat (@megybaby). Thanks for letting me ask you some questions, Megan! 

When, and how, did you start you blog, Something Borrowed?

I started my blog in the beginning of March 2016. So not to long ago! I went to a small photoshoot with a friend for fun, she was running a blog and shooting photos for her page that day. I happened to start taking some photos with her and the photographer, James Conley was like “why the hell are you not writing and producing your own work, instead of talking and posting about others?” So I was like true that only makes so much sense. I knew that I wanted professional looking content and not just selfies or pictures my boyfriend took, so I took the photos I took that day and started to write. Now here I am!

Any short-term or long-term goals for your blog you’d like to share?

My short-term goal would be to just keep growing my audience and content. These are the most important things for any successful blogger! My long term goal is to have Something Borrowed emic the brand I hope to build soon! I have a whole list of long term goals but this is by far the biggest!

What is your favorite blog post from this year?

One of my favorite post I did was probably the “At Home With Me” post. This was exciting because it was different from any of my other posts. It allowed me to really open up my at home style, and give my readers the inside look to how I live! Plus it was fun to have my boyfriend there to take photos with! Everyone’s home is like their happy place so it was pretty cool to be able to share mine on Something Borrowed!

How would you describe your blog style?

My blog is for the diverse and ambitious 20 something. She is creative, curious, and versatile. While my blog is exploring more than just fashion, the focus is centered around my love and appreciation for women’s clothing and lifestyle. The style I share with my readers is across from casual chic to modern sophistication. I believe every woman should have a balance between both ends of the spectrum when it comes to their fashion choices. My 20 something’s are growing to be these women, and they follow me because I get it. I get that in this industry or really any industry the way you are dressed expresses a lot about you. My readers and I share the same understanding of fashion and lifestyle.

It’s a rainy day, lazy Sunday. What do you wear?

Leggings, boyfriend’s T-shirt, and a flannel. That is my immediate go to!

Editor’s note: I love these leggings, this vintage tee, and this flannel

Favorite hairstyle for a night-out?

I’m notorious for big loose curls with a little tease action! But recently I’ve been going with the half up half down top knot with messy waves!

Editor’s note: Here’s a really helpful tutorial, just click here

Must-have beauty product, article of clothing, and random item?

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (like cannot live without it), a blue jean flannel, and cereal (I LOVE cereal)!!

Favorite blogs you follow?

Two of my most recent favorites are Sincerely Jules by Jules Sarinana, and Hunt for Styles by Gina Ybarra.

Who is your fashion icon?

Ugh that one is so hard, I love Brigitte Bardot, Miranda Kerr, Jessie James Decker, so many it’s hard to narrow down!

If you had one superpower, what would you pick?

I think if I had a superpower it would be being able to freeze time!

Editor’s note: I could literally get so much done 😂

If you could marry any fictional character, who would you pick?

Jack Dawson from Titanic. Who doesn’t love young Leo!

If your life was a movie, which actress would play you?

I’m feeling Natalie Portman or Rachel McAdams

If you died your hair any CRAZY color, what color would you pick?


{megan from honest twenty one}