one week late.

HAPPY TUESDAY! It’s been a rough month or two (except for, you know, going to Alaska and all that jazz) because I am doing some major reconstruction to the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow because I’m unveiling it all then. Any who, with my mind being on my blog but not posts, I totally forgot to share my birthday post. I’m only one week late, not too bad, right?

I turned 17 last week, aka I’m only one year away from being an official adult. All the praise hands. All. Of. Them. I love how the photos turned out but wasn’t expecting the white balloons to be that big. Read on to hear how I managed to fit all five of them into my tiny Ford Focus. Almost died (not really, but thought I was going to).

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romper: Akira | heels: Steve Madden

I went to Party City and decided to get some circular balloons (not oval, you know the regular kind, lol) and didn’t even think that I was driving a small car. So I through in three 24″ and 2 number balloons. I also didn’t process how big 24″ actually was. I was running late, k? The guy started filling the balloons with helium and that’s when I knew I was screwed, haha! I leave with the biggest balloon bouquet and realize that I have to somehow fit these into my car. It took me FIFTEEN MINUTES to figure out how to shove them into my car, and even then I had two balloons in the front seat. I literally could not see except out of my car, except for the front. Plus, I had to drive all the way downtown which I’m not too familiar with and parallel park. Needless to say, I was double-y late and also terrified I was going to crash throughout the entire photo shoot, haha! I got home safe AND got some pretty gorgeous photos. Moral of the story: research the size of balloons and how they’ll fit into your car.

At this point, you probably only care about this outfit. Remember when I went to Chicago for the weekend? I found the prettiest romper from a local boutique called Akira, I was obsessed! I still kind of want to spend my next paycheck there but I’ve got to learn self control sometime, right? Haha. I am loving the maroon and it would look so perfect with boots/booties and a slouchy cardigan for the fall. All about that season transitioning, right? You can purchase online AND my romper is still available. Buy it and let’s twin, k?

quick ps: I will, for the rest of my life, love these heels. They are gorgeous and comfortable to walk in (block heels FTW). They’re under $100, Steve Madden, and Lydia approved 😉

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  • Rebecca

    You’re so cute! Happy birthday, those balloons are beautiful. It’s a fun time to be seventeen, enjoy it!

    • Lydia

      Thank you so much Rebecca, you’re so sweet! xo

  • Angela Tolsma

    I love the balloons! I totally won’t have thought about the size and fitting into the car!

    Happy Belated Birthday! And the new design looks awesome!!

    • Lydia
      Angela Tolsma

      Thank you so much Angela!! I’m glad I’m not the only one, haha.

  • Angela

    Happy Birthday! I love your outfit so much, super cute! It sounds like you had fun too!!

    • Lydia

      Awe, thank you Angela!!

  • Catherine

    Happy belated birthday! That romper is so stinkin’ cute on you! Rock 17 girl!

    • Lydia

      You are so sweet, Catherine! Thank you 🙂

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Happy Bday. Loving that romper. Akira is such a fabulous store. Block heels are the best, they do making walking and standing more doable in heels.

    • Lydia
      Cindy Ingalls

      Thank you Cindy! Yes, I love Akira (and block heels)!

  • Shannon Gurnee

    Happy 17th birthday! I love the outfit you’re wearing and your pictures look great! It seems like forever ago that I was 17. Ha ha!

    • Lydia
      Shannon Gurnee

      Haha, you are sweet Shannon! Thank you 🙂

  • Rachel Catherine

    Happy late birthday! I love your cute romper. I would have never of guessed that you’re just 17!

    • Lydia
      Rachel Catherine

      Thank you Rachel!