Overall Experience + Rocksbox Review: June

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I began a sponsorship with Rocksbox a few months ago (you can see my previous reviews here and here) and wanted to share not only my June pieces but also a totally honest review of the entire experience. Like, blunt honesty takes a whole new level.


Jill Michael Double Triangle Cuff in Gold: This cuff is my favorite piece in the box. It’s a very simple design but still makes a statement. I love that it’s gold and the different sized triangles make for a minimalistic must-have piece. I can’t wait to style this with a watch and another small chain cuff. Another thing I like about this cuff, is that it’s adjustable. Which makes it a really great piece for all sizes (win win win). The quality is really nice, and doesn’t seem like it will chip anytime soon (then again, I’ve only worn it a few times).


Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in White Pearl: Kendra Scott has re-appreaed yet again in this box, and even though it’s a gorgeous necklace, it’s a little too dressy for me. My style is very (very) casual chic. I mean, a nanny’s life isn’t too glamorous (unfortunately). The white was a perfect color for spring and the jewel was just the right size. I absolutely adored the little strings on the bottom, it added the perfect touch. I wasn’t a fan of how long it was the string was, but that’s my only complaint on this necklace (besides it was the opposite of my style, lol!) If you’re a big fan of layering necklaces, this is a perfect piece! And you could easily add this necklace to a simple or bold outfit. The quality on all of Kendra Scott’s jewelry pieces are always really nice, and I doubt this piece would chip while wearing it.


Perry Street Crystal X Ring: I requested a ring in my box so I was really happy to see this little gem when I opened up my box! The size was perfect for my finger (size 6) and the diamonds made the ring very chic and stylish. I loved how unique the style of the ring was, too! I am a huge fan of layering rings so a simpler design would’ve been more “me”, but none the less, it was very pretty and I can’t wait to wear it!IMG_4773

NOW! The moment ya’ll have been waiting for, my total honest review (and I go over everything).


Rocksbox recently updated their entire site and box, and I think it’s much more chic, modern, and up to date then the original design. I especially love the new font of their logo and their color scheme for the box. The box was so pretty and I love how they wrapped the entire pieces in patterned tissue paper. So cute! They include a few cards in your box, as well. I believe one of them was a review of what you got/prices of the pieces, one had a quote about fashion, and a few other info cards.

The website is really easy to work with and it’s not to confusing trying to find different pages (profile, wishlist, etc). They include an FAQ for questions, which is extremely helpful if you have a simple question to ask.


I’ve only contacted Rocksbox a few times, and they’ve all been really nice and very accommodating. Well, except for one time. I thought the gal seemed a little frustrated and annoyed at me (lol!) but maybe it was because it was almost closing time (hollaaa). They respond quickly, too. I believe it only takes them 24-48 hours through email, and you can always call them if you need immediate help (M-F but I’m not sure what times).


In my honest opinion, I didn’t think they did a great job at picking pieces for my life/style. They all seemed way too dressy or under-dressed, there was no in between. I did really love about 3 pieces that would work with my lifestyle and my style, but that was it. Out of all the 3 pieces I was sent for each box, I didn’t think worked too well together. I’d only wear one piece at a time, which means I didn’t get a ton of wear from them. Another thing I noticed was that I had different pieces but a lot of them were all of the same designers. It’d be nice if they’d switch up the designers, since even though they were different pieces, all had similar features.


Out of all the 3 boxes I have received, this one was by far my favorite. The previous two boxes had really pretty pieces, but they just weren’t my style. Nor could I wear them while working because, children. I stated in my profile that I was a nanny so something casual and easy to wear was what I was really looking for. I don’t think they fully understood that, haha! I also added 15-20 pieces that I really loved and would work for my lifestyle to my wishlist. Out of the nine pieces, I think I got 2 pieces from my wishlist which was a total bummer, because I did love all of the pieces on my wishlist.