Puppy! Favorite Toys, Treats, and More!


In case you didn’t know, I have a dog. Behr is a yellow lab, she is 5 1/2 months, and weighs about 45 pounds. She knows how to sit, go down, spin, and we’re working on shake (apparently its easy to learn??!). She’s kind of the cutest beast ever. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I post a lot of pics/videos of Behr (she’s kinda hilarious) and a lot of you have asked my recommendations on some of my/Behr’s favorite puppy items so I’m finally posting! If you have no interest in a post about dog treats, go check out this post or this one (they’re #throwbacks from my beginner days, holla).  Hope you guys enjoy this post, comment if you have any questions! What type of dog do you have?



FAVORITE TREATS: Zukes Mini Naturals (current flavor is duck) | Zuke’s Skinny Bakes | The Natural Dog Company Beef Backstraps | Treat Simple Dog Treats | literally any bone

Let’s talk food first, since Behr lives for it. I am a huge fan of Zuke’s treats, they’re all-natural, affordable, and there are a ton of different flavors. Plus, they’re under 3.5 calories, which means Behr can have a monstrous amount. It’s nice, since she still gets a treat every time she pees outside or comes. Really, whenever she does something good she receives treats. Zuke’s also has a big selection of different treats, including jerky, z-bones (healthy green bones) and hard treats (another favorite of Behr’s!). You can find these treats at Amazon, Petco, Pet Smart, and I’ve also seen them at local doggy stores. They’re pretty popular, and I’m 90% sure that all dogs like them. I just started giving her these treats, which she also really like. I love that they are small and crunchy, and the tiny bone shape is SO cute. We also get her tons of large bones (make sure that the bones are as large as your dogs head, otherwise they might try to choke it down, if you have a large breed dog) and pig/cow ears. I prefer bones over jerky/pig/cow ears, because the bones last, she scarfs down the jerky within 30 minutes.


I love this collar I got off of Etsy, it’s so cool and cute! It’s also reflective, which is really helpful for when we’re walking her at night and pretty heavy duty (plus waterproof, but aren’t all dog collars, though?). I’m not a big fan of dressing your dog up like a baby, but I did get he a santa costume for Christmas because it was hilarious. I would totally buy this collar, too (under $20).



FAVORITE TOYS: cow | whale | pig | tennis ball | rope

As I was looking through Behr’s toys, I noticed I may have a slight obsession with buying stuffed animals for her. She has SO many animals, but they’re insanely cute, I can’t help myself. Thankfully, she doesn’t rip apart the stuffed animals too quickly (they live a few months), but I also try to buy some hard toys as well. She loves anything that squeks, and likes playing tug and fetch. This stuffed animal by Kong has lasted about a year, and still hasn’t been ripped to shreds. It’s starting to get a few holes, but I’m pretty impressed with how long it’s survived. I get a lot of the toys from Target or Marshall’s, Marshall’s always has a ton of really cute play toys, including a UNICORN that I picked up right before Christmas.



  • Jenny H.

    Behr is so adorable, I want to steal her 😍😍😍😍

  • Penny

    Behr is soooo cute. I can’t even handle 😍

  • Annie K.

    My dog and I love Zuke’s treats as well (I own a golden retriever)!! I love that they’re all natural, and they’re perf for training.

    • Lydia
      Annie K.

      Goldens are so pretty! And I totally agree, perfect for training 👌🏽

  • Kristen

    I am the proud owner of a chocolate lab, maybe we can set up a playdate lol 😂 #snapfam

    • Lydia

      Hahaha! I wanted a chocolate lab but the breeder didn’t have any available. I love when they have blue eyes!

  • Gina

    #snapfam Would love to see more updates on Behr! She’s so cute, maybe a snapchat exclusive only? 👏

    • Lydia

      Great idea! I’ll work on it, any ideas for updates? Thanks for following on Snapchat 🙂

  • Rachael Q

    I love your videos of Behr going crazy on Snapchat, lol!! #snapfam

  • Lauren Johnson

    Any advice on house training a puppy? She’s 4 months old (pomeranian) 😓

    • Lydia
      Lauren Johnson

      It took me a while to house train Behr (she was 4.5 months till she really got it). She would start walking towards the door, then get distracted. Call your vet and ask for any tips, as a lab is very different from a pom pom 🙂