Rocksbox Review: April

*this post is sponsered by Rocksbox. i received this box for free. all opinions are my own. use code lydiamonsonxoxo for 1 month free!


I’m really picky about my jewelry. So much, in fact, I only own 3 or 4 pieces. I like the idea of a really cute piece of jewelry then I try it on and think, “Nope”. Then I go and look at shoes.

Story of your life? Welcome to the club. Thanks to Rocksbox, hopefully this won’t be much of a problem anymore. I’m an It Girl for them, which means they sponsor me and send me a box every month, complimentary of the company. Pretty cool, right? Not only that, they also gave me a code (lydiamonsonxoxo) to share with you guys for 1-month free!

Here’s the low-down: Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box. They send you 3 pieces every month and you get to wear them however long you want! After you’re finished wearing the pieces you can send them back (they include free shipping). If you like any pieces, you keep them and they charge your account once the package is received. You get a discount for any pieces you keep too!

You can fill out a style guide to help your stylist pick out jewelry, along with adding items to your wishlist. Easy, simple, and totally fly.


I received 3 different jewelry pieces in my box:  Perry Street “Astrid Necklace”, House of Harlow 1960 “Sierra Pyramid Cuff in Gold”, Kendra Scott “Carla Rose Gold Earrings in Brown Mother of Pearl”


Perry Street Astrid Necklace: This necklace was on my wishlist so I was really excited to see this in my box! The colors are perfect for spring (a light blue and purple) and it’s a great statement piece. I can see this really dressing up a casual outfit, maybe a white tee and boyfriend jeans? I know what I’m wearing tomorrow…I’ve never been good at styling statement necklaces though, so if you have any ways to style one, let me know in the comments below!


House of Harlow 1960 Sierra Pyramid Cuff in Gold: I loved this bracelet when I first received/wore it. But the more I wore it, it started to wear off (just a little, though). It’s a very simple cuff, but because of that, you need to wear it with other bracelets for dressier attire. Like I stated above, I only own like 3 pieces of jewelry, so that wasn’t an option. I wore it with a casual sweater and some skinny jeans and tennis shoes and it worked perfectly, but if you’re wearing anything fancy, you’ll need to dress it up a bit. This cuff has really pretty detail on it and is adjustable which is perfect for different wrist sizes. It’s a great piece for a minimalist.


Kendra Scott Carla Rose Gold Earrings in Brown Mother of Pearl: I wanted to like these earrings so bad, they’re so stunning! I get where my stylist was going with them, but they just didn’t work. She said she tried to match all 3 pieces together, but 2 statement pieces in one outfit is a little too much, amiright? When I tried them on I didn’t really like them. Which is weird because look at them! The color is gorgeous and I love the shape, but I felt like the size was too big and chunky.

That’s it for today! Overall, I was pretty happy with my first box from Rocksbox. Have you ever tried Rocksbox? Use the code: lydiamonsonxoxo for one month free!!