Room to Bloom: Office Inspiration

So if you ever read my incredibly boring Coffee Break post, you would’ve learned about my move (!)I’m buying new furniture, adding different decor, actually getting a desk (currently I don’t have one #shockingiknow).

I am absolutely in love with my room, it’s so clean and bright.  I went  for a chic|simplistic room vibe, but with pops of color. Bless you Pinterest, for giving me all my ideas. Currently, I’ve been buying a lot of my decor/furniture from Ikea, Urban Outfitters (they have super cute rugs for super cheap!!), Anthropology and of course Target. Unfortunately, I missed Ikea’s Family & Friends Sale (I think it’s around July), so I was a little depressed for a few days #dontmindme. But! Target is always having sales, normally up to 25% off home goods.

I was shopping for about 2 months for all of my decor, and like I said above, I love it!! It all blends so well, and really fits my personality.

Since I got so much furniture, I’m going to be posting in segments. The first post is office-themed, and you’ll see what the next post is tomorrow 🙂

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As you can tell, gold is a huge color for me. Also, lots of white. I’m hoping my room won’t be to bland, since currently, nothing I’ve bought is a color. Haha. My main colors are gold, white and black. So colorful ;).
I’m planning to pick up a few bouquets of flowers right when i move in, and stage them around the room (dresser, night stand, and desk), which will add color. I’m also hoping to do open-shelving, so I’ll have 4 shelves and stock them with tons of colorful things (books, flowers, shoes, bags, anything that pops). If I get around to that^
Thanks for reading- I can’t wait to share my 2nd part of “Room to Bloom” with you guys tomorrow
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