Tea Review from Herbal Tea Life


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

I love the idea of tea but I never actually drink it to often. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week if I’m feeling especially mature, but not like coffee. I’ll drink coffee in the morning and sometimes at night, and anytime I’m near a Starbucks (because you can’t not say no to Starbucks). Yes, I love tea! Especially fruit-flavored (blueberry you guys is amazing) tea. You can’t go wrong.

Tea is like the healthy aunt of coffee. A hot drink made of water and tons of different flavors. Unlike coffee, it’s got a ton of health benefits too. Who knew? Me, actually. And probably you as well. Anyway, Herbal Tea Life was kind enough to send me some tea to taste test for WTPTA and let’s get real, who isn’t stoked about free tea? If you say you aren’t, you’re lying.

Herbal Tea Life sent me 3 different types of tea: White tea, rooibos, and matcha. I’ve tried matcha before, and surprisingly, like it. I definitely didn’t think I would, nor did anyone else, but I did. Maybe it was the bright green color or it’s extremely photogenic (cue snapchat and instagram). I’ve never had white tea before or rooibos (although my sister said it was her favorite) so I was excited to try those two out.



White Tip Earl Grey: This smell was really mature and deep (can I use those to describe a food?). It smelled like something I would drink right before bed, to calm dem nerves and anxiousness (not that I have that…). t was also a really cool looking tea. Extra long needles, almost all black with the occasional white needle in there.

Rooibos Paradise: This tea lived up to its name in both scent and appearance. It smelled really fruity and sweet and had a bright smell to it. There was mango and passion fruit in this tea, and I could def smell the mango (yay! favorite fruit). As for how it looked, this was the prettiest tea I’ve ever seen. GORGEOUS. For real, it was stunning. Bright orange with purple and pink and yellow.

Matcha: What can I say about this? It didn’t really smell like anything and it was just plain ol’ green tea. #classic


White Tip Earl Grey: At first, I wasn’t a fan of this tea. It was too dark and not sweet enough. After I added some honey and cinnamon, I enjoyed drinking it! The added cinnamon gave it an extra kick and honey some sweetness. Adding the cinnamon gave the tea a little more flavor too, since I thought it was a little bland at first. I have a sweet tooth so anything that is just a tiny bit sweet, is bitter to me. I had my sister taste test it and she really liked it. Sister sister: 8.5/10 ||| Me: 7/10

Rooibos Paradise: This was the tea I was most excited about. Like I stated above, I love fruity and sweet teas and this tea definitely provided me with that! I loved the mango and passion fruit in it, and I think it would taste even better iced. I can’t wait to drink this on a hot day, mmmm. I didn’t add any honey or spices, but I wouldn’t mind a little honey, even though it would only need a teaspoon or so.

Matcha: I think the reason I like this tea so much is because it’s so good for you. High in antioxidants, boosts memory, added energy, burns calories, detoxifies body, the list could go on and on. This had a very crisp taste and, like rooibos, would taste delicious iced.I searched for some matcha recipes on Pinterest and found an abundance of desserts and drinks. I can’t wait to try out this latte and this ice cream.


What is your favorite type of tea? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much to Herbal Tea Life for the tea ❤ Make sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  • Annie Barlow

    Matcha is my favorite!! I love adding it in smoothies, and you’re right, the green color is stunning!

  • Marsi

    That rooibos looks so delicious! I’ll have to check out their website 😋

  • Finley

    White tea is my favorite in the winter. I love iced tea though, that rooibos looks so good! Over ice would be yummy 😋