Tip Tuesday: Mother’s Day Edition

*this is a guest post done by Megan from Honest 21*

Hey dolls! Today Megan from Honest 21 is sharing a “Tip Tuesday” for us. As always, I’ll talk about some tips and trick, my current go-to bag and Megan is going to share some trendy and affordable bags. What could be better? Make sure to check out her blog and give her some Insta love!


• To class up any outfit, pick a structured bag. The structure will help make your bag look more expensive and chic.

• White and black and neutral colors and work for any season and outfit. Grab a white clutch or black cross body if you have a bright and patterned outfit to bring all the pieces together.

• Add a pom pom to your bag to add an element of fun! Check out this bag and this bag for inspiration.

• If you have a colorful (or patterned bag) make sure this is at least one common color matching with your outfit. This way, your outfit won’t clash with yo’ bag.

• If saffiono leather is an option available for your bag (very common in higher-end bags like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc) opt for that type of leather for an easy clean.

• Make sure your bag has more than 3 pockets, otherwise you’ll be losing stuff left and right!

• Grab a cleaner for your bag (most high-end stores carry them) so that you’re bag will always look clean and new



I own this Michael Kors bag and this tote. Both are really nice, hold up well, and are great for carrying all my needs and cute! They are great colors and match my outfits perfectly, too. Oh, and the MK bag is saffiono leather (win!) and when I accidentally get dirt or makeup on my bag, it’s really easy to clean!

I recently sold my Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff bag so I’ve been looking for a smaller bag to carry just my essentials. I went to MK and KS and my favorites were this Romy bag from Michael and this fold-over bag from Kate. If you have any suggestions, comment below!



It’s that time of the year where we shower our Mothers with love, flowers, and the cutest gifts! If your Mother is anything like mine she is a simple working women that isn’t overly obsessed with fashion but when it comes to her bag, the accessory game gets real!

So for this Mother’s day I have put together a little purse shopping guide that will not break the bank! My mother is always working so she often sticks to smaller bags because she ends up carrying a lot of her work materials back and forth in a larger work bag. When it’s play time she only carries the bare minimum in her bag which means the smaller the better. I have selected a few colorful cross body bags that are all affordable, trendy, and comfortable for busy momma’s like mine! Baby blue, fuchsia, and fringe are really trendy right now and they’re impossible to miss in almost any store (editors note: I can vouch for this). These colors and styles are the perfect accessory to any spring outfit, day or night, work or play! Spread the love and spoil your momma this Mother’s Day ❤

Bag Guide Details:

1. Blue clutch  2. Brown leather cross body 3. White & Gray Fringe 4. Black Buckle cross body 5. Navy Tote 6. Embossed cross body 7. Bright blue cross body 8. Longchamp tote