Valentines Day Essentials

If you haven’t noticed, we’re celebrating V-Day on the blog this week. Which is pretty much a made-up holiday by Hallmark to make more money but who can pass up an opportunity to dress up? Except me, because I can (cue: Valentine’s Day outfit which has leggings incorporated into because obvi). ANYWAY, back to the subject matter at hand: essentials for the ultimate Valentines Day. What is one essential you have for v-day? And what type of post would this be without a little Dwight?

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• Lace anything

I’m breaking this rule for V-day because I only own one item that has lace and it’s incredibly fancy (like, I don’t wear it ever because it’s so fancy). Plus, if you caught this post you know I’m trading lace for fur and that’s totally ok. But really, if you have lace you should wear it 😉

• Rom-com movies (preferably with Sandra Bullock)

I love romantic comedies, they’re my second favorite movie genre and just perfect for V-day (or any day, I won’t stop you). Sandra Bullock is in some of the best rom-coms: Two Weeks Notice (HILARIOUS) and While You Were Sleeping. Seriously, you need to watch them stat. A few other favorites would be The Wedding Planner (another really cute and funny movie), You’ve Got Mail (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are the ultimate pair), and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

If you haven’t noticed, all the movies are from the 90’s because movies from the 90’s have the BEST movies. I dare you to watch all of the above movies if you haven’t already, they’re must-sees!

• Drinks + Dinner (optional, because who has time for that?)

I can’t drink alcohol (because you know, underage and all that) but sparkling drinks/cider, hot cocoa (it will be in the negatives most likely in Wisco), or this delicious looking punch are all very viable options.

More important than drinks is food and I’m not even going to judge if you have pizza because that’s what I’ll be having too #nojudging. BUT, if you make it yourself that’s pretty fancy, right? This recipe from Lauren’s Latest is the bomb but my mouth is watering for this butter pizza. Or you know, here’s the menu for Pizza Hut.


Twinkle lights or candles can make everything fancy and warm and cozy. Seriously, I have a slight obsession with both.

Red lips

I have a really easy and simple makeup look for V-day that you need to check out! Includes red lips, no eyeshadow and foundation (holla) and eyeliner. Take a peek here

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